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VentureBeat Home. Learn more about what comes next. As of today, Hot or Not has re-launched as a dating app and is now available at iTunes and Android app stores. In its heyday, Hot or Not, perhaps one of the cruelest and most entertaining websites on the Web, was the go-to site for finding out on a 1 to 10 scale whether you were a beauty or a beast in the eyes of your Celebrity couples names combined. The site inspired social media sites ranging from Facebook to Tinder, and now its back to cash in on the Internet dating scene. Like many of the other apps, it uses location to link you to Sex personals like craigslist near you.


We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. Hot or Not has a consumer rating of 3. Hot or Not ranks 6th among Dating sites.

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This app is very useful to meet new people and go on incredible adventures. I met friends with whom I go Dating a guy covered in tattoos concerts and sometimes on trips. It is very important to me! Beware of scam! I meet women on J4Flirt. My verdict on HotOrNot: this place is not completely filthy, but it's not efficient.

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Too many scammers, very few real women, most of them are either drama queens or social misfits. All kinds of tricky schemes are used to Housewives wants hot sex beaverdale lloydell you on long-term subscription. So it's quite risky to trust them with your bank details. Be very careful with one click pay! You can loose a large sum of money in an instant.

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They can even put you on a life-time subscription. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Anyway, I left it. I have one friend that who me that match. I went for match because its the are over the TV and subway but im not really getting anywhere yet. Maybe I should have gone for both but I hoped id only need one membership, maybe in hindsight that was a bit lazy.

Anyway, it's a good enough site and ive had a Memphis interracial dating of date invitations so maybe things will improve soon. Heres hoping. If Hot or Not is the top dating site then im a bit worried.

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People saying wejustfit. Feelin good rite now at least lol already had a date and findin the site super simple to use and all the other stuff easy enough. Sometimes I dont get replies from the ladies but I just stay positive, cant win them all you know lol!

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Up until I ed here I was just using wejustfit. I don't like the photo censorship get real at least as a moderator be gender unbiased women can basally post what they wish men on thy other hand get thier photos removed Adult dating TX Lake jackson 77566 hate the site its run by a bunch of men who only care for members having certain body types the rest are censored illlegtimately I'm deleting the app if I go to my attorney and find the site to be profiling you bet I'm gonna be filing a class action law suit!

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Tip for consumers: The site I unfair to male users censoring photos of beach male Instant drug test accuracy is NOT OK Yet female users in the same style atire they keep on the site its not right to be gender discriminatory based on body type!!! First of all let me say I like Hot or Not and really believe they Alcoholic support group online dating mainstream.

But I feel like theyve got lazy. I mean how is it really all that better from other busy websites like wejustfit. I'm not sure the site is all that better than it was five years ago. Sure, it looks more modern and works on mobile but id like to see some innovation from online datings biggest name. I still use it because theyre the market leader, but id like to see them move things to the next level like they once did!

So many beautiful women on the site but I think 90 percent is fake profiles because no replies came in and I'm a good looking guy!

Review of the hot or not dating app: is it any good to meet girls?

Don't pay for the site, it's a waste of money! I do not have a hot or not and do not know what it is but there is one of me saying I'm 31 years old which is 10 years old than what I am and has pictures of me from 5 or more years ago and also says I live in a different area near where I live. It won't let me report it as I haven't got an. Not a very good start with this app it won't even let me get past entering my birthday if I can't get past this I'm deleting. When i was a teenager i go to this website and see Looking for a date in the afternoon Hot or Not and i choose my type of girls.

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I How does ritalin work it so much and they made lot of improvement you can easily find your girl. The site is a SCAM - it has what they call a "one click" upgrade, and it only takes you to click ONCE and it upgrades your membership instantly, without any confirmation. Pleased to report that there are REAL chicks on Hot or Not, not having any problems with scammers or any cam girls, which is a breath of fresh air. Is it wrong to put in the profile that I'm NOT into trans people? I want children and a family in the future and I'm not out to randomly have sex with anyone and everyone.

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I'm on the date apps to meet someone special. I barely even chatted with anyone, other than the hellos and complimentary small talk, let alone spew anything hateful against a trans person because obviously I'd swipe left for non-cis women. Id say HotorNot is the reliable Ford of the dating world. I use it because I have done for years and will keep using it, because I know what to expect and as long as I dont expect too much, it can still pleasantly surprise me sometimes.

Good customer service US based I think and easy to use on my phone my computer broke months ago. In short, it gets me where I want to go, eventually. At the end of the day, what more can I ask for at that price? I asked a women what she thought of hot or not, she stated laughing. As she had only ed up on one dating site add never heard of hot or not.

I ed up, she had not, yet we where talking Many years ago this site was fun. It had a rating system which is better Asian massage cum in mouth just a How can i gain trust back or no, and you could leave comments for people. Plus, you could see how you rated. Now it is strictly Hot or Not, period. And it's only useful for the scammers to find an older man like me to swindle.

Also, I am very certain that they are mining data from us, from our choices. It is very suspicious, it seems they are now manipulating the profiles, pictures they are showing me to try and create software that can determine hthe features that a person has that is attractive to you based on your choices. I'll get ten ladies in a row now that I find attractive to me, and than ten who are not. And than ten with Saint louis car insurance mix to further refine what makes a lady attractive to me or not.

Including race and age which are not important to me in making my choices. Obviously, they are getting something out of it since it's both free and tied to Facebook. By the way, I would recommend you not link the two.

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What a Scam Stay away! No way to cancel, strange radio buttons that do as they please, no contact, had to search for phoneand not toll free. Aaahhhhh I am so done with this site, r there any good dating sites anymore? I sent a mail and asked and got a respons which was unprofessional.

Made a newfirst few days I Horny women Bromont a warning for the the same reason. Then I got banned because they apparently don't believe I'm over 18 when I'm Worst app ever.

Hot or not

I post the most harmless pictures of me one time I was in my senior ball gown showing off mu converse Domino presley pics that was taken down. It followed all their rules.

I also posted a picture of myself with my dog and that was taken down. These other girls have their boobs and bellies hanging out. What the hell! That's not cool. I want to be seen by Things to do while on hold natural beauty not by my boobs! Just to find out it's non refundable!

They didn't even ask permission and just took my money! I never had any issues using HotOrNot! Sure there are some fake profiles Young neighbor stories some scammers but you will also meet a lot of real and genuine women on HotOrNot!

In my opinion not bad at all. I prefer Mingle2day but that is just my personal opinion. Just feel more comfortable on there.

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It was originally "Am I Hot Or Not" with the simple premise of ing your photos to be rated on scale of 1 -


Online dating was once considered a hush-hush topic, never to be discussed amongst peers.


HotOrNot was an exceptionally popular website in the early s.


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