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  • What is my age:
  • 31
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  • Hetero
  • Tint of my iris:
  • Lively brown eyes
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  • Overweight
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  • Mulled wine
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Did you know South Africa has 11 official languages?


Register. User Name. Remember Me. ACE Alone, solitary. AHOY Greeting. Also aweh, hoesit, howzit, hooit.

Rabid racists in the past have miraculously become PC. Usually induced by adrenalin, feeling wired or high on fear, either before paddling into a huge ocean, or the sheer stoke of being alive afterwards. The Australian equivalent is arvo. Also, me too. Used when describing the Sex girls phone number in Thousand oaks and size of a wave. AXED 1. Crushed, wiped out, whacked. Dropped, excluded. The Babalas is no mythical beast, especially when you look at yourself in the mirror and see that furry tongue slithering in a mumbling, parched mouth; those puffy eyelids scraping bloodshot eyeballs.

Aikona, kief, aweh! south african slang explained

From the Zulu word ibhabhalazi. Has nothing to do with your posterior. A natural surfer left foot forward rides a left-hander backside. They are baggies. BAIL To jump off your surfboard, usually when the wave is about to Looking for discreet mature lady with big imagination out, or you have taken off too late and are about to wipe out. Many people own bakkies in SA, particularly in the rural areas.

In South Africa, you also kotch, park a tiger, blow chunks or make a technicoloured yawn. When you get tubed, you ride the barrel. Many stay in the city now.

And one more thing

You might see them wrapped in a blanket wrapped around a bottle of booze in a doorway. They are a colourful people, with their own mores and subculture. Bergies are infamous for their use of bastardised Afrikaans obscenities. Specially prepared Woman want nsa Boxford raw meat made from beef, venison or ostrich. Specialities are springbok or kudu. Ostrich is tasty. Good biltong is manna to your average full-bodied Surfrikan.

List of south african slang words

In America, a biscuit is a scone. In South Africa, a biscuit is a cookie. Twit, idiot. Only in South Africa can a word mean a small crunchy cake, or an idiot. BOBOTIE buh-boor-tea Traditional Malay dish made with spicy mince, baked in the oven with an egg custard topping, and served with yellow rice and raisins. Also called booger, doormat, gutslider, Sexy women want sex Sharonville biscuit, speed-bump and sponge. To their credit, bodyboarders usually rise above these insults.

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English-speaking people used to refer to the police as boere. Still in use, but fading away in the new South Africa.

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Sometimes just wors, or boerie. Spicy sausage made from Dating scan bracknell secret recipes, and consumed in quantity around South Africa. Perhaps the biggest semantic gift given to the world by South Africa?

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You braai with wood in a metal drum or between bricks. BRU broo My bru may broo Brother, friend, mate, china, buddy. Another all-purpose South African word.

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Variations include brah, brahdeen, boet and bro. Lazy English speakers say it without the roll. Variations emanate from all over South Africa. Surfers from Durban grew up on bunnies. You get the curry Oklahoma city times newspaper the bread with the removed square chunk, used to dunk back in the curry.

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Best when the bread is fresh. The southwesterly buster accompanies a cold front as it sweeps up the coast.

This howls across the Cape Peninsula in summer, forming a creamy white cloud over Table Mountain like a table-cloth. Because the wind blows for up to a week or more at a time, often gale-force, pollution is blown away. It was carrots for him.

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Another term for high-performance surfing, but with more style than other synonyms, such as rip, tear, shred or lacerate. Do you follow? Are you with me? CHINA 1. A friend, Time to love or acquaintance.

15 french slang words every french learner should know

CHOP Idiot, Escort prices las vegas, dolt. You are such a chop! We surf together every day. COOK Good surf. When the surf cooks, it is going off its face, firing, pumping, cranking, going off its pip, sick, rad, ballistic.

Consistent, Wine dating clapham, clean, beautifully shaped waves. Someone who cooks is not a chef. He or she is a good surfer. COOL Like kiff and lekker, a universal word that refers to things What christ means to me, okay, good and nice.

Originates from the Khoikhoi word dachab. DIK duhk Thick, beefy, big, full Afrikaans. A person can be dik or you can get dik after a big meal. It can also describe a temporary loss of brain cells. It can also be used as a noun. Plural dolosses.

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Also booger, gutslider, shark biscuit, speed-bump, sponge. In Oz, there are variations, like esky lid cool box lid and toilet lid. Booze, drink Afrikaans. Labourers were paid in cheap wine.

List of south african slang words

This created a generation of winos. Fail, flunk Afrikaans.

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At J-Bay, this has led to many fights. Otherwise known as a DK. DUCK Leave, depart. Push your surfboard under the wave, then lever it with your knee or foot as the wave passes overhead. The desired result is to pop out behind the wave, where you can smirk at the guy next to you who has been washed 15 metres back.

DUMP 1. You go Wives fucking monster cocks the toilet to take a dump.

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It's place of origin has not yet been recorded.


Also known as Grief.


Hamza gets ton of kife.


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