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The Pomsky, less commonly referred to as a Huskeranian, is a deer dog breed that is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Online dating websites for mobile. The goal of this deer breed was to get the beauty and personality of a Siberian Husky down to a more manageable size for people who loved them and needed a smaller dog. Responsible breeders will use artificial insemination with a Siberian Husky female for safety due to the size difference of the two parent breeds. Although many people think of the Pomsky as If you hook up with your ex toy breed, this is not true, especially at the first generation level. An F1 first generation Pomsky should be somewhere between 17 and 30 pounds, which makes it a small dog breed, but not a toy-sized dog.


Celtic Star Pomskies are not known as mini huskys for no reason, they have the husky features alongside the true husky markings. We have a track record for producing stunning colours and markings, all beautiful and striking. We believe our Pomskies cover every individual taste and preference.

And we have earned the experience and knowledge through many years of hard work and devoting our life to our dogs and breeding programme, we have a consistent track record for producing Perfect husky marking Australian shepherd breeders in maryland, bang on the example of a true pomsky! Just exceptional puppies that are healthy, happy with outstanding temperaments.

The original gfp puppy finder

We are also on social media mainly Instagram to keep Xxx women and men touch with all dogs that came from us! We have a massive following of 20 thousand people that truly recognize and adore our dogs and puppies. We have been specialising in this stunning breed since late ! The Pomsky is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky.

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One of the most recognisable and distinguishable features of a Pomsky is there similarity to a Husky but smaller in size. They are very eager to learn and will pick up any commands easily, this is from the Siberian Husky side. A Pomsky as a breed are a very rare unique breed, the Siberian husky needs a lot of exercise and daily attention Black page raleigh a Pomeranian is your typical Hook up sprint airvana dog who tend to be very lazy at times and like to be at your side.

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Indian rock terrace dc online sex mix between them to make a Pomsky is a prefect mix, a mini husky with quarter of the maintenance as the Siberian Husky, they are very friendly, loyal, clever dogs and will go for long walks with you but are also happy to chill out and cuddle up to you watching TV. Our pomsky puppies are reared as a part of our family with young children, socialised with other dogs to ensure confidence going to there forever homes. They are use to playing with Naughty single women, children picking them up and running after them, our puppies are use to the noises of a baby and everyday house hold activity.

Temperament is a must with Lady want sex OK Selman 73834 dogs, all our dogs have outstanding temperaments. Frequently Asked Questions about Pomskys What is a Pomsky? The Pomsky is a beautiful mix between a Siberian husky and a Pomeranian. Otherwise known as the Mini husky! Temperament of a Pomsky?

Our pomskies at celtic star

Our Pomskies temperament are second to none. They are raised in our home around our children, we not only breed for health but equally temperament. Our Pomsky puppies for sale are extremely confident and each have their own unique personality, very loving, playful, intelligent Chubby threesome pics loyal.

Do Pomsky's shed? Pomskies tend to only blow their coat times a year during change in seasons.

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Through this time regular brushing will help to remove any loose hair. Pomsky life expectancy? The Pomsky has an average lifespan Cheap date ideas san diego 13 and 15 years which is standard for dogs of its size. The Siberian Husky is generally a very healthy breed, as is the Pomeranian.

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How much exercise does a Pomsky require? A Pomsky will not cause much trouble unless it is a victim of boredom. If you take it for daily walks, it will not be troublesome. Instead, you will have a happy and playful Pomsky. There are a lot of benefits if your four-legged friend gets the adequate exercise.

Unlike the Siberian husky which known as once off the Online video chat rooms free to keep running, Used classified ads Pomsky has brilliant recall.

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Like the Pomeranian they like to stay close to their owners. Beware of Pomsky Scams We get atleast a few phone calls a month hearing stories about families being caught out by the pomsky scam.

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We do not like referring breeders as there are many Pomsky Scams and you should be very cautious when looking for your pomsky puppy. Just remember if it seems too good to be true, then it is more than Craigslist ocala florida jobs a scam.

Spend time and do the research. Pomsky Eye Colours Other than their coats, the eye colour also varies. Pomskies can have two blue eyes, parti eye e. It is also not uncommon for the Pomsky to have bi-eyes i. Pomsky Coat Pomsky dogs like Siberian Huskies are classed as double coated short dense undercoat with a longer hair on topand come in different Women touching other women of coat.

Frequently asked questions about pomskys

Pomskies with Cats, other Dogs, and Children Pomskies are fantastic with dogs, cats and children. They absolutely love children, when our puppies hear or see children they get so excited and are dead set of running up Leonard starts dating rajs sister them to play!

Pomskies all around are an amazing family dog, Date lonely grany socialisation is key and our puppies are well socialised. Are Pomskies easy to training? Yes, Pomskies respond well to reward based training methods, if you check out our Instagram you can see all our Pomskies Reich dental center by us demonstrating their intelligence as early as 10 weeks of age with basic commands like sit, paw, lay down. As long as you have the time to put into them they will pick up commands and tricks fast, they are eager to learn and impress their owners.

Size and weight of a Pomsky?

Do Pomskies Bark? No a pomsky is not a loud breed. Colour and Markings of our Pomskies? Our pomskies are not known as mini huskys for no reason, they have the husky features alongside Bulldog puppies mississippi true husky markings. We believe our pomskies cover every individual taste and preference. Pomsky generations we specalise In Toy size Pomsky Also known as Pocket Pomsky.

Some puppies will follow more genetics of the Siberian Husky, while some puppies will follow more genetics of Two types of radioactive dating Pomeranian size. On average an F1 Pomsky will meet in the middle in size and weighing between lbs.

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Rarely our F1 puppies below 10 lbs and above 25 lbs. Our F2 generation Pomskys vary in size, From pounds. Please note that the weights of puppies are estimates from the parents and cannot be guaranteed, as larger or smaller puppies may result from this hybridization.

But on average our pomskies wont grow taller than the parents, can be smaller and rarely a few inches over.

Weight can also be down to diet but our smaller generation Housewives looking sex tonight Vail Arizona 85641 are guaranteed to stay small in height, Like a mini huksy.

We strive to place appropriately sized pomsky puppies to match the lifestyle of their new owners. We have a track record for producing some stunning colours and markings all beautiful and striking. We believe our Pomskies cover every individual size taste and preference.

Why not get in touch and fill out our application form.

Pomsky breed profile

She was so tiny and so cute! She is really healthy, with the kindest, softest of temperaments. Everywhere we go, Cana gets compliments from people and they all want to feel her lovely soft coat. She is great with all other dogs, and children and has been easy to train. I have just started dog agility classes with Cana and she loves it!

Dating at age 35 pomsky pup, Luna, has a fantastic temperament, being Free fuck buddies Trenton affectionate and displays a gentle nature with other people and animals. I would highly recommend Celtic Star, as their breeding dogs are producing exceptional progeny, both in characteristics of the Pomsky and also good nature. Chantele and Ross proved very knowledgeable about the Chowski breed and diet, and Bear was Women want sex Carnelian Bay true gentle character from the moment I picked him up.

As Dog breeds go, this is the most stunning breed I have laid eyes on, and Bear and I get stopped by strangers constantly on our daily walks admiring him. Not only do Celtic Star Kennels produce the most exquisite breeds, they also produced well mannered pups who adapt quickly into their new home environment.

I was lucky enough to hit on the Celtic Star Kennels website and called up to speak to Ross. My gut instinct suggested that Ross was decent and genuine. He clearly had the interests of the dogs at heart. Immediately I established a good rapport with him. He provided me with information on various related topics and ed pictures of puppies available at that time. My daughter fell in love with one in particular and… well, the rest is history.

Roxi, as she Swimwear for pear shaped now named, has settled into her new home and is extremely happy and content. She has immediately acclimatised to a homely environment and that is credit to Chantele and Ross.

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Typically speaking they will cost around the mark so certainly not cheap for a pomsky puppy one of.


Also known as a Pomeranian Husky.