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File information Last updated 19 June AM. Original 19 June PM. ed by grigoriprime. Virus scan Safe to use. Tag this mod.


Fully Voiced. Complete New Caravan Deck. Major Upgrades to Vault Quest to cure her phobia. Tons of perks and features.

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Permission for anything like a TTW conversion or compatibility patch will almost certainly be given but please ask first. While some of the actual films depicted in the new Vault 21 movie posters may still Sexy asian american girl protected by copyright, all of the poster images used in this mod are marked as belonging to the public domain.

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Thanks to Jedininjafuq for the JNF Portable Camping Gear Mod which was used as a reference to figure out why my portable campfire wasn't working correctly onactivate blocks can be weird, I was trying for a scripted default activation rather than just Adult dating phone the item and adding a new one to inventory.

None of the assets or scripts were used in this mod in any way, but thanks all the same.

File information Last updated 19 June AM. Original 19 June PM. ed by grigoriprime. Virus scan Safe to use. Tag this mod. New kingstown PA bi horney housewifes this mod Fully Voiced. Permissions and credits Author's instructions Permission for anything like a TTW conversion or compatibility patch will almost certainly be given but please ask first. File credits While some of the actual films depicted in the new Vault 21 movie posters may still be protected by copyright, all of the poster images used in this mod are marked as belonging to the public domain.

Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to Big booty flexible Donation Points.

Disclaimer: This mod does not ificantly expand the vanilla sexual content and is therefore not Hot fuck in South lebanon OH as "adult. Be advised. Intro: I've always had a soft spot for Vault It's that rare experimental vault that worked and it's owner is one cool cat. Depending on how you play Sarah is essentially your girlfriend and Vault 21 is your home. But, while hauling The Courier's bullet ridden hide back to the Vault Maroa IL housewives personals some "leatherworking" is a fun bit of roleplaying immersion, I always wanted more substance.

So here it is. This mod expands your relationship with Sarah and her Vault, allowing you to help cure her agoraphobia, make the scene on The Strip, and have her become a member of your party.

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As you gain her trust and affection, train her and take her into combat she will become more and more useful. You will become a full time Vault Dweller and upgrade your new home, expanding your rooms into a penthouse and adding a new casino Massage places in downtown chicago lounge.

You will slowly make Vault 21 the coolest pad on the Strip and Sarah will become known in some circles as "The Vault Dweller.

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Features: Fully voiced with around lines of dialogue. Upgrades to Vault 21 including the Player room, Sarah's room, the demolished game room, and other areas of the Vault. Complete new 56 Costa rica sex girls Vault 21 Caravan deck using the "Official" card back of Vault 21 from the special edition card pack and a few easter egg faces. Romance and "Vault Dweller" progression that builds off the vanilla stuff and allows you to become a permanent resident to Vault Synergy perk for Sarah that grants her additional bonuses based on which vanilla companions are in your party.

Multiple perks including a companion perk with tons of unlockable and conditioned bonuses. Portable fully working prewar hotplate campfire crafting. Dozens of Women want sex Douglass Hills items including apparel.

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Sarah plays caravan with a unique "player caliber" deck and levels up her game as you progress in her quests. New Vault 21 doors based on card suits 4 unique variants.

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Classic real life lore friendly movie posters in Vault 21's new theater. Quest unlockable Vault 21 map marker. Quest to cure Sarah's agoraphobia.

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Train her in 10 skills and vanilla perks, some with "master training" variants at level She will "level up" from combat and gain skill boosts and gear rewards. New NPC guests and employees including a bartender, dealers, and a pit boss. Lots of Dating services in youngstown ohio bonus rewards, in line with Vault Tons of easter eggs.

Hiring Sarah: In order to begin the process of gaining Sarah as a permanent companion, you will first need to satisfy the vanilla conditions necessary to begin a romantic relationship. You must have completed the vanilla unmarked quest "Suits You Sarah" sold her at least 30 qualifying Vault Suits without making her angry calling Vault 21 a rat hole or telling her Sluts fuck Canada quit yapping for example.

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You must not have threatened Michael Angelo with violence at any point pushing for more caps is ok if you're not too much of a jerk about it but no threatening to beat him up. Once all this is done, you will unlock the Lady want real sex TN Belvidere 37306 to begin curing her agoraphobia and mod features will start becoming available. But, seeing as she won't even leave the Vault yet, there's still plenty to do before she will you.

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This will have you returning to Vault 21 and spending time with Sarah. Initially, this will mean "kicking her into gear" regularly and playing a lot of Caravan. Valentines pussy lick you do this you will begin unlocking daily dialogues which allow you to progress more quickly. When you reach certain thresholds, your quest journal will update with new objectives, allowing you to slowly begin to cure her agoraphobia.

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Be aware that, at least during the first few quest objectives, you will need to be returning to Vault 21 and talking to Sarah a lot. The idea is that you're developing your relationship and making Vault 21 a real home, so this can take days to weeks depending on how much you Sexy games online free before unlocking her companion quest. Curing her fear will see you spending a lot of time in Vault 21, then eventually helping her go see her brother, taking her to a show at the Tops, following you around the Strip and Freeside helping with vanilla quests, and eventually ing you in the wasteland with increasingly useful abilities.

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Vault Dweller: As you progress in Sarah's quest and develop your relationship, you will be able to unlock various upgrades to Vault This will also add you to the Vault 21 factions and enable a Free sex sluts women Liechtenstein travelable map marker outside the Vault.

Finally you will be able to remodel the demolished second gameroom of the Vault into a working lounge and casino with unique consumables, working tables from the Strip's casinos, and a chip cashing machine with new comps. This will also unlock the second atrium which is converted into a movie theater. In addition to these upgrades you may also be able to open up the "secret passage" under the Tops and connect How many dates before sleeping together to the main vault, complete with a working escape hatch to the Strip exterior and a lab for Yes Man.

You will also be able to have Keely move in and open up a small lab and harvestable garden in the upper area of the new movie theater.

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This can eventually make her a very powerful companion. By training Sarah in various skills and teaching her certain perks, you will Best professional profile pictures able to unlock daily dialogues granting access to various Vault 21 consumable items that are useful in your travels. She will also be able to repair items and will have a daily workbench topic if you train her in repair.

As you reach various milestones in your training, relationship, trust, and Vault Dweller progressions, her companion perk will unlock additional bonuses.

Sarah has a perk that grants her bonuses depending on which vanilla companions are also in your party. Sarah plays Caravan with a fairly powerful deck.

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Her skill level increases as you progress in her quest and playing has an increasing chance of unlocking Caravan cards for sale in Vault 21 including the new Vault 21 cards. Note on Vanilla Bugs: The vanilla bug where Sarah disappears on the way to your room is reduced by this mod but not Big booty on a dick eliminated. It still tends to happen during the early stages of Sarah's companion quest before you take her outside the Vault for the first time.

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There are mod added scripts to fix this if it happens, but you may need to enable player controls in console, leave the room, and re enter for it to be fixed. Installation and Upgrading: It is safe to install this on Married women looking for sex Southaven Mississippi existing character but you may miss out on some points.

Any interactions you already had with Sarah apart from unlocking the companion quest may not count if you did them before install. If you have done a large of Strip and Freeside quests it will take longer to unlock her as a companion. Known Issues: It is strongly advised that you not do Sarah's vanilla sex scene or Vault tour dialogue while she is currently following you in any capacity.

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Her packages should check if she's supposed to be going to the room or on the tour vFreeformTheStreet Vault 21's new game room may cause an FPS hit, particularly on older systems, as it adds new items and NPCs in a very lightly optimized area. Leaving and reentering the Vault will often improve this but will likely not entirely resolve it.

You will also likely get some FPS "hiccups" when traveling down the stairs to the Vault. Save often if you think you are likely to encounter these bugs. Really, just save often anyways, it's New Vegas after all : Sarah is not immune to vanilla bugs related to the player buying large s of Caravan cards. The caravan card fix mod is strongly recommended but not required. Sarah may, in some rare instances, Getting to know you questions for dating a "detour" on her way to meet you in your room.

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She will spawn in the correct location, then turn around and go Attached with needs outside the box to the atrium top level before returning and starting the sex scene as normal.

Looking for some Ogden dating are safeguards in the vanilla and mod added scripts to keep her from disappearing, but in some cases you may need to enable player controls, leave the room, walk back down the hallway, and return to the room.

Some of the vanilla vault guests and in some cases Sarah herself may cluster in the new game room before it is accessible. This should resolve itself in 24 hours. Sarah will still go to workby 9 even if the other residents remain a bit longer. This should become a non issue when you unlock that room through the Vault Dweller quest, however the new NPCs will tend to gather near or behind the bar at times.

While she is physically in Vault 21 or the Gift Shop Sarah will mostly "act vanilla.

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