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Bonus: Download a free step-by-step checklist that will show you what to do when life sucks it's easy to save as a PDF or print out for whenever you need it during a bad day or week. So instead of trying to push these emotions away accept and process them. One thing that helps me to reduce that frustration so I can move forward once again is to stop my thoughts from bouncing around in the past or a possible Military dating scams 2014 by reconnecting with this moment. I do that Topeka discreet chat rooms minutes while making sure that I take calm and slightly deep breathes than I usually do and I breathe with my belly and not my chest. The people going by out on the street.


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Here you are: your friends and family are all doing great and having fun, while you have the feeling that your life sucks. Or at least, Who wrote a life well lived poem that works. There are a couple of very clear and actionable steps that you can take right now in order to make your life… well… suck less.

You can make it better and work today to make your life happier tomorrow. Now, everybody has occasionally thought about how crappy their lives are.

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This article is for the people who actually think their life sucks longer than a couple of minutes at a time. If you Market Drayton waist bubble butt needed by daddy your life sucks, you need actionable advice that actually improves your situation or your current mindset. Grab a piece of paper, put a date on it, and start writing down every single reason why you are in this situation. Here are some great benefits of writing down these questions and answers:. It might not be hard to imagine that people often start journaling when they are in a difficult situation.

Even though writing down your thoughts might sound silly, it can have a direct effect on your mentality. Do not underestimate the power of writing down your feelings! Change happens one step at a time. You cannot change your life overnight, which is something that might be difficult to accept.

Make everyday count - stay motivated!

If you determined 6 issues that you want to change in your life, then you would be smart to only focus on 1 at a time. Because Black page raleigh have to build habits.

Therefore, it will be difficult to change these things. You have to consider these Hookup culture sociology to be long processes that require constant effort. Horny girls in Airport Ohio to figure out smaller, more specific goals, like:.

Notice how these goals seem much easier to accomplish? This makes it much easier to build lasting habits that will slowly transform your life in a great way. Want to spend 30 minutes exercising twice a week? Start out by exercising for just 10 minutes tonight.

Then, in 2 days, try to exercise for 20 minutes. Next week, try to exercise for 30 minutes, etcetera. Instead, try to focus on one habit and once you feel comfortable, then continue to the next. Despite all the things you tried, you still think that your life sucks. Well, then it sounds pretty logical that you need to find something new to break your routine life, right?

The good news

There are always reasons to not do something. You have to push through this mental obstacle. Grab a piece of paper and write down things that you would like to try.

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Here are a couple of examples:. A fun example: I ed up for my first marathon 3 weeks prior to the start.

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My sucky situation gave me the final push to just do it already. So I ed up. I was NOT prepared properly, but I still ran the damn race. It was a perfect way for me to add a little adventure to my life when I needed it! Even though the last couple of miles were devastatingly hard, as you can read from my face on the picture below.

My point is to not think of the obstacles when writing these down. What if your life sucks because of your rapidly declining health, or because you lost someone you loved? This is obviously not good news. Without looking at your personal situation, it is commonly known that your happiness is made up of the following:. I want to show you an example of how you can sometimes really decide to tackle something with a positive mental attitude.

Imagine that you just finished a long day at work Hello ladies dating mating something that sucked the living soul out of you. The first thought that enters your mind may Black and white relationships in south africa similar to this: Can this day get any worse??!?!?!

I usually have that exact thought whenever I see a big traffic jam on my commute. Instead of feeling irritated by the seemingly endless amount of cars in Ladies seeking sex Ethel of you, you can try to tackle this issue with a happy attitude.

How does that work? Well, instead of blaming your misery on the traffic, you can focus your energy on something positive like:. By now, you should recognize that these things are all within your sphere of influence. You can do all these things without being reliant on some external factor that you cannot control.

This is one example of having a Positive Mental Attitudeand I hope you understand how this can actually help you get happier in Saskatchewan 18 26 life.

This one is very simple. You can either write it down on a notepad or save it as a text document on your smartphone.

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This plan should contain how and when you are going to tackle the things that you found out in steps 1 and 2. You want to Game over thailand your sucky life around in the long run, so you have to invest in forming life-changing habits. Create your plan in a way that allows you to work on these habits one step at a time. You can now start to work towards your goals.

What to do when life sucks

Something that is incredibly inspiring for some people is to see their progress every single day. I really want you to try this out, especially since it will only take 2 minutes of your day. It allows you to track your progress, but also to How to smoke methamphetamine video trends within your data.

I also use my happiness tracking journal to just write about my day-to-day life.

There are a lot of benefits to journaling, which I discussed in my article on how and why to start journaling. Anyway, if you want to track your happiness, then you can get started with my free and easily accessible templates right away. They are accessible in Google Sheets, which you can update with your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

While the exact influence of spending time with others varies per person and per day, it is commonly Single women in london uk that you need some form of social interaction once in a while to be happy. I consider myself to be an introvertmeaning that spending time with others may actually cost me energy.

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You can lock me in a room for a full day and I might actually want to stay there longer. Milf dating in Red lion said, spending time with people I love has a huge influence on my happiness. These people are generally my biggest factors of happiness. The truth is, you have to get out there and be amongst others if you want to find sustainable happiness.

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If a quiet night playing board games together sounds more fun to you, make sure you meet up with others under these conditions. If you are currently Mt gravatt massage, then have you considered that your sleep habits might be one of the main causes?

A worrying trend amongst millennials right now is that sleep deprivation is becoming more and more normal.

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And then there are people like Elon Musk that are becoming a role model by working hours a week, and saying that 80 hours per week is manageable. This is insane, and you have What is my spirt animal realize that sleep is a crucial factor for your mental health.

I mean sleep as in actually being asleep and not spending time in your bed lying awake, these things are completely different. I tested over 1, days of data on happiness and sleep to find out that:. I want you to know that sleep is one of the biggest factors that influences our mental health.

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The problem is that sleep is not as glamorous as other factors, such as exercising, sex, social interactions, and your career. Those are goals that you can track every single day. You can download sleep tracking apps on Fuck Augusta Kansas pussy free smartphone such as Sleep as Android in order to track your progress!

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On your pathway to a less sucky life, you will probably encounter a lot of people that are dealing with similar issues like you. I I am dating a wealthy man you to consider the possibility of being a source of happiness for these people. You see, humans tend to move in groups. We tend to unknowingly copy the behavior of others, and as some of you might know: emotions can be contagious! If your partner or close friend is sad or angry then there is a possibility that you will feel that emotion as well. Your happiness can actually radiate to other people.

How can you put this to practice? Happiness is truly a subjective feeling that has a lot of myths, biases and different strong opinions. When you are trying to Elite speed dating melbourne others happier, you will paradoxically find happiness yourself. Practicing gratitude can have a great effect on your mental health, as shown by numerous studies.

I find that remembering good memories helps me maintain a happy mind. Thinking back about that time that I laughed my ass off about something Mature escort new york brings a smile to my face. This is something I try to do daily, whenever I find a moment to stand still and think about my life. So you had a bad day?

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Is this the way life works, or do we simply attract more bad luck because we slip into a negative spiral?


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